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    Some examples of shows Cirq'ulation made in the past

    Custom-Made Shows

    We provide Stage, Light, Sound, Special Effects, Rigging, Artists & Crew.

    We combine performing arts with visual arts, circus with dance & theatre, acrobatics with statues, live painting and animated projection, fire and water, intense energy with poetry, cranes, trucks, cars, bikes and live musicians... & so much more. 


    Aerial Acrobatics, Poles, Diabolo, Projection, Trampoline 

    ON FIRE European Tour

    Trampolines, walls, lights, special effects...

    HYUNDAI Brussels Motor Show 2018

    Trampoline with custom-made wall.
    Autosalon - Salon de l'auto 2018


    Trampoline against trailers, poles, handstand, air acrobatics in silk...

    FURNIVAL Veurne 

    trampoline, light diabolo, ladder, handstand, fire juggling, plank...

    EXIDE  Product Launch

    synchronized trampoline, duo trampoline 

    Tomorrowland 2018 - 2019

    Moving Poles at the Main Stage of Tomorrowland Summer and Winter

    Crazy Show

    Wheel, Silk, Forklift, Acro, Poles.
    Autosalon - Salon de l'auto 2018


    air acrobatics such as silk and vertical dance, pole acrobatics.

    CATERPILLAR Switserland

    Trampoline, air acrobatics, light and fire juggling, wheel, stilts...

    NAV CONGRES Handelsbeurs

    Trampoline with custom-made walls in the form of stairs.

    TOPPERS IN CONCERT Amsterdam Arena

    synchronised trampoline with trampolines build into the stage.

    SINTSHOW STUDIO 100 Sportpaleis

    synchronised duo trampoline, moving poles build into the stage.